Leiden Home Learners (LHL) is offering a Leadership Intern Program for home educated teens and/or preteens.

Internships are given to enthusiastic, friendly and playful young people who like to facilitate play sessions for younger children. We prefer play sessions and activities to be in Dutch, since that is the language spoken in our meetings. The program offers responsible young people mentorship (from a LHL parent) and the chance to develop new skills and volunteer in a leadership role.

After successfully completing six sessions, the intern will receive:

  • a LHL Leadership Intern Certificate
  • a reference letter from their LHL parent mentor
  • the possibility for the LHL mentor to act as reference for future employment.

Young people that are interested are invited to submit a brief letter by e-mail telling us:

  • a bit about about themselves
  • the skills they will bring to LHL and what skills they are hoping to develop
  • what type of activities they would like to do

Interns can complete the six sessions on their own timetable. They will have access to LHL materials and craft supplies, a small budget for 6 sessions, and can ask for assistance at any time. The parents of the younger children will always be present. Mentors will do their best to ensure the intern is supported and secure in their roles.

It is advised that interns attend two sessions before they officially begin their internship to meet the children, parents and learn a bit about LHL. Our core principles are kindness and safety. Our philosophy is to offer activities, but children are always free to choose for themselves whether or not to participate. The activities should be simple and open-ended, and aim to be no more than 30-45 minutes. Examples of play sessions could be crafts, games, sports, building things, fun experiments, or anything else the intern is interested in.

Does this sound like something for you? Please send your letter to Rippy through leidenhomelearners@gmail.com