Thank you to all of you that signed the petition and helped spread it through your networks. It has been much appreciated!

Tonnie Nijenhuis, the Chair of The Netherlands Association for Home Education (NVvTO), and several home educated children presented 105 pages of the national petition at a Round Table discussion in Parliament last November. There were 3,501 signatures for the national petition and 5,904 for the international petition. Sixty home educators were present, including fourteen teenagers, watching the Parliament proceedings from the public gallery.

Later that month, we held two flashmobs – one outside the Parliament building and one inside the Den Haag Central Train Station. We had so much fun!! There were around thirty dancers working under the professional guidance of a dancer, seventeen actors that staged home educating scenarios, a security team wearing black caps, banner holders, people handing out flyers, childcare, cameramen and photographers from within and external to the home educating community, not to mention a number of home educators that participated as part of the audience. All of them braving the cold in the Hague in order to promote the new website and with it, present a positive image of home education. Afterwards, many of us went to celebrate the day at a traditional dutch pancake house. (Source: NVvTO Newsletter, December 2013)

One wonderful and unexpected source of support came from six experts (all Dutch university professors and/or researchers) that got together and stood up FOR home education. They wrote an appeal to Parliament stating why there is no need to ban home education. Their professional support made us home educators very happy.

We still do not know the fate of home education in this country. It is expected that Parliament will debate the issue early this year. We are hopeful that our efforts, and the efforts of people that are standing with us, will help make a difference.